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Pro Pointers: Summer FAQs

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Pro Pointers: Summer FAQs

What are summer tires? Do I need them? And why does my vehicle smell so bad when I turn on the A/C? Today, our Commercial Tire techs are here to answer your frequently asked summer tire and service questions. 

What’s the deal with summer tires?

Summer tires are designed to provide maximum road grip and damp-road traction for performance vehicles and sports cars. They’ve got less grooving than all-season tires, putting more rubber in contact with the road and dramatically improving grip during turns and stops. If you’re planning to take a speedy trip on the open road with your Porsche, Maserati, or Jaguar, they’re worth a look. Otherwise, all-season tires will do what most of us need them to do for at least three seasons out of four.

Why does my air conditioning smell?

This time of year, your windows are closed to escape the heat, and your A/C unit is working hard circulating air around your vehicle’s cabin. That might mean you notice a musty, dirty smell more than you would when the windows are down—and the likely cause is the cabin air filter.

A cabin air filter traps dust and dirt particles and keeps them out of the air you breathe. But if it’s clogged, that dust and dirt will make its way into your cabin—and your lungs—as your circulate the air conditioned air.

Bring your vehicle in for an A/C tune-up and we’ll check your cabin air filter for you, and replace it if necessary. We also check cabin air filters with every oil change. If your A/C is working just fine, you can try to replace that air filter yourself instead—we’re here to back you up if you have any problems.

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