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Stuck in the Mud? Here’s How to Get Out

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Stuck in the Mud? Here’s How to Get Out

As those in our region head out to hunt or backpack, lots of vehicles will be turning off-road onto rough, unmaintained trails and roads. That means getting stuck in the mud is a real possibility. If it happens to you, here’s how to get out. 

  1. Lighten up. It should go without saying, but we all do it: if you’re stuck, stop spinning your wheels and digging in. Take your foot off the gas and dump some of your vehicle’s weight to prevent further sinking.
  2. Make room. Turn your wheels left and right to give your tires a little more space to maneuver. When you’re ready to try again, make sure your tires are pointed straight ahead.
  3. Shift gears. For manuals, shift the car into a higher gear to reduce RPM and ease off the clutch. For automatics, put it into 1 or 2 and slowly give it gas.
  4. Deflate your tires.You’ll get more traction with more surface area touching the ground. Just don’t forget to inflate them to proper pressure once you’re out of the mud.
  5. Roll out the carpet. If all else fails, put something down behind your tires to help you get more traction, like your floor mats.

After you’re out, drive slowly to try to get the mud off your tires, since muddy wheels will cause tire imbalance. And before your next trek, take a look at mud tires for better off-road performance.

For more info about performance off-road, visit your local Commercial Tire to speak with a technician. Enjoy your trip! 

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