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Vehicle Won’t Start? Here’s Why

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Vehicle Won’t Start? Here’s Why

Cold weather is hard on your vehicles. In particular, cold mornings can cause your car not to start, or to start very slowly. What causes starting problems, and how can you prevent a non-start?

  1.     Bad battery. Battery problems are the top cause of vehicle no-starts. If you cooked your battery over the summer, you’ll notice that damage when the temperature drops. Pop in and we’ll inspect your battery for free, and replace it with a quality Interstate battery if necessary.
  2.    Low oil. If your engine oil is low, your battery must work harder to make the engine turn over. Bring it in for a quick oil change, or top it off with the right oil in your home garage.
  3.    Empty tank. If your gas tank is nearly empty, you might be able to start your car in the summer, but starting a car in the winter takes more fuel. Before you park your car overnight, make sure you have at least a quarter tank for the morning commute.
  4.    Bad alternator. Alternators charge your battery while your engine is running, and without it, the battery will drain quickly. If your battery is fairly new but still won’t work, it’s possible your alternator isn’t working properly. Stop in to your nearest Commercial Tire for a diagnostic and quote.

Get service before you have start problems with a pre-winter checkup. We’ll check your battery and anti-freeze, plus perform an alignment and sipe your tires for $99.95. It’s the best way to avoid winter hassles, and keep your family rolling all winter long.

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