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Bridgestone Ecopia

Fuel economy starts with your tires

How Bridgestone Ecopia Tires Save You Money on Fuel Costs

The key to Bridgestone’s innovative Ecopia tires is a low rolling resistance. When a tire rolls, it loses energy as the treads press against and forms to the surface it’s on. This decreases the forward-moving force of the tire and therefore requires more energy from the vehicle to keep the tires rolling on the road. In order to maintain the speed of the vehicle, more fuel is required.

The Bridgestone Ecopia is designed and lab-tested to be a low rolling resistance tire. As a result, vehicles with these tires will spend less fuel to maintain speed and therefore save on fuel costs. In our Mechanic Minute, the benefits of Bridgestone Ecopia tires to passenger and fleet vehicles are explained further.

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