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Bandag Drive Retreads

Bandag B710 Fuel Tech
Type: Drive
Description: Go green and long with a breakthrough design in low rolling resistance. Ultra fuel-efficient Bridgestone drive radial tire tread for long-haul and regional service.

  • IntelliShape™ sidewall with Fuel Saver compound
  • EPA SmartWay™ verified, California Air Resources Board compliant

Bandag B760 Fuel Tech
Type: Drive
Description: Performance on the road and at the pump with a low-rolling Bridgestone tread design that improves mileage. For long-distance over-the-road applications.

  • Solid shoulder rib
  • IntelliShape™ tire sidewall with Fuel Saver compound
  • EPA SmartWay® verified, California Air Resources Board compliant

Bandag B799
Type: Drive
Description: A solid grip for excellent tire traction and wear on punishing gravel roads and jobsites. New mixed-service Bridgestone drive radial tread for dump trucks and other vehicles.

  • Extra-deep, proven cap/base tread
  • Tough top belt and sidewall protection
  • Computer-designed all-steel casing

Bandag B835 FuelTech
Type: Drive
Description: Ultra wide base tread for tandem-axle drive applications in long-haul service. Advanced fuel-efficient compound produces long tread life and exceptional fuel economy. Complements Bridgestone Greatec M835 Ecopia wide base drive tire.

  • EPA SmartWay® verified
  • Stone-rejector platforms

Bandag BDL
Type: Drive
Description: The Bridgestone BDL Retread is designed for a wide range of applications including extra long, long, and regional haul, and local pickup and delivery. Tie bars stabilize shoulders for even, uniform wear. Bridgestone open lug design delivers superior off-road tire traction.

Bandag BDLT
Type: Drive
Description: All season Bridgestone tire tread delivers responsive handing and reliability for light trucks. Offers good traction and ride, even wear for regional and city traffic in all wheel positions.

  • Snow and mud ejection
  • Grip on snow and ice

Bandag BDM
Type: Drive
Description: Quality Bridgestone tire tread for refuse and construction industries in on/off highway applications. Rubber compound provides significant wear improvement at the lowest cost per mile, without sacrificing cut resistance.

  • Traction enhanced with computer-aided design
  • Directional tread design

Bandag BDM2
Type: Drive
Description: Directional drive Bridgestone tire tread for tandem and single-axle vehicles. For maximum traction and long tread wear in on/off-road applications such as waste/refuse hauling.

  • More stability and fewer edges
  • Directional design
  • Enhanced grooves to clean out debris

Bandag BDR-AS
Type: Drive
Description: Bridgestone design offers unparalleled traction in bus, coach, and distribution applications. More rubber in the tread center enhances ice traction, handling, and tire wear. Wide, open shoulder voids for “clean out” in sticky mud and snow conditions.

  • Multi-pitch design
  • Center tie bar

Bandag BDR-HG
Type: Drive
Description: Bridgestone tandem-axle drive tire tread designed specifically for regional and over-the-road fleets. Unique high grip design delivers best-in-class traction both new and as it wears.

  • Open shoulder
  • Full-depth voids and sipes
  • Deep tread and staggered blocks

Bandag BDR-HT3
Type: Drive
Description: Bridgestone tire for high-torque, single axle LTL tractors, less than truckload, truckload, and distribution applications. Tread pattern resists tears. Tie bars and angled block edges combat heel and toe wear.

  • Bow tie-shaped tread block
  • Wider, buttressed shape design

Bandag BDR-W
Type: Drive
Description: Bridgestone tire specifically designed to perform and provide aggressive traction in harsh winter conditions like snow, sleet, and ice on tandem axle drive applications in truckload and less-than-truckload service.

  • Directional design
  • Self-cleaning blocks
  • Variable sipe configuration

Bandag BDX
Type: Drive
Description: The Bridgestone BDX tire retread by Bandag is an aggressive traction, drive-axle tread engineered for hard-working trucks in severe service conditions on and off the road. Reliable Bridgestone design offers excellent self-cleaning performance for single and tandem axle vehicles. Questions? Want to check your local availability? Click here to find your nearest location’s phone number and address.

Bandag BDY1s
Type: Drive
Description: This severe service Bridgestone tire tread delivers strong wear life in conditions demanding a balance of cut resistance and on-highway performance. For tandem and single axles.

  • Self-cleaning tread prevents mud and snow buildup
  • Special grooves minimize stone retention

Bandag BDY2
Type: Drive
Description: Provides enhanced traction on unimproved surfaces for severe service applications including logging and oil fields. Complements Bridgestone M775 on/off highway radial tire.

  • Extra deep block and open shoulders for aggressive traction
  • Special groove angles minimize stone and debris retention

Bandag BTT2
Type: Drive
Description: A replacement for the Bridgestone BTT retread, this Bridgestone tire is a proven traction tread designed to provide adequate depth for drive on Class 8 tractors (gross vehicle weight rating over 33,000 lb) ready to be traded. Meets manufacturer’s trade-in requirements.

Bandag MegaTrek
Type: Drive
Description: Bridgestone improved one of the most popular tire tread designs by using the new ITC compound. Deep aggressive tread design with solid shoulders for excellent traction and outstanding wear in over-the-road truckload and LTL applications.

  • Solid shoulder rib
  • Stone ejector platforms

Bandag Rock Lug Deep
Type: Drive
Description: The Bridgestone Rock Lug Deep retread is an aggressive, hard-pulling drive tire tread designed for short-haul, slow-speed and severe off-the-road applications. Bridgestone designed this tread for long mileage and increased penetration resistance essential on mining, logging, and construction sites.

Bandag Ultra Drive
Type: Drive
Description: A deep all-weather Bridgestone tire retread for tandem axles that offers reliable traction and mileage for a range of applications, including less than truckload, truckload, and distribution. Slotted shoulders and unique blading provide excellent traction.

  • Stone penetration protectors
  • Tie-barred shoulder

Bandag WBSS
Type: Drive
Description: The Bridgestone WBSS retread is deep drive tire tread designed for wide base casings in severe service applications, mostly off-highway. Bridgestone design delivers great mileage for single/tandem axle vehicles that require special compounding to resist chipping, chunking, and tread tearing.

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